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Highlight presentations for more attention - interactive, eventful and emotional. Customized presentations for your target groups - for web, Microsoft Teams, tablets or touch displays. "One for all" & better than PPT slides.

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Present products like highlights

Compared to traditional presentation methods, interactivity enables an individualized approach to the target group. The possibility of personalized marketing and the consideration of individual customer needs offer added value compared to traditional forms of presentation. Higher conversion and a higher return on investment (ROI) are the logical consequences.

Interactive presentations also make it possible to present complex content in a clear and understandable way. The use of interactive elements, such as graphics, animations, videos and quiz functions, increases the receptiveness of the audience and simplifies the communication of information.

Present products like highlights

Companies can present their products better than with traditional PowerPoint slides. Innovative product presentations are digital and interactive. These allow 3D products to be presented in a realistic environment, giving the viewer a deeper understanding and a better idea of the product features. 3D models of products can likewise be presented in a virtual reality or augmented reality application. Another option is to use animated videos that present product features and benefits in a vivid and entertaining way. Each of these presentations is much more dynamic, moving and emotional than any slide show.

  • Innovative products, innovative presentation
  • Interactive presentation means emotional presentation
  • Presenting with 3D animations on all channels

Understanding medium as message

3D product presentations are already an important part for many companies, as you can see in online stores or on many B2B websites. But besides just presenting products, 3D presentations can also send a strong message of digitalization, especially when using innovative media technology. One way to do this is through the use of touch displays and tablets in sales presentations. Through the interactivity and intuitive operation of these devices, companies can show how they are using the power of digitization to present and sell their products. These technologies allow viewers to dive deeper into how the product works and experience it in a way that goes beyond just presentation. AR, VR or mixed reality are other technologies that clearly convey an innovative message to the audience.

  • Innovative media technology for innovative products
  • Simple and smart navigation for good usability
  • 3D animations bring life to presentations

Keeping an eye on the customer journey

The Internet is the first port of call for many customers looking for products. To be successful, companies must ensure that their presentations provide an intuitive customer journey that allows customers to easily find and experience their products. One way to do this is through the use of interactive content and tools. By using 360-degree views, animated videos, and interactive demos, companies can allow customers to view their products from different perspectives and understand how they work. By allowing customers to search for products by specific criteria, such as price, color, or size, companies can make it easier for customers to find the products they want. We help you create 3D product presentations with the customer journey in mind to ensure their presentations are easy to navigate and understand.

  • Create more interest with 3D animations
  • Better focus on customer benefits
  • Showcase products in a much more emotional way

You too can benefit from our services:

3D visualization

Our 3D visualization can help companies present their products in a visually appealing and interactive way & stand out from a crowded market.

Virtual Reality

Our agency offers 3D visualizations to create immersive virtual reality experiences for clients to experience and interact with products in a realistic and engaging way.

Virtual showroom

Our 3D visualizations can be used to create digital showrooms where customers can get a realistic and interactive look at products before making a purchase.

Interactive shop window

Our agency provides 3D visualizations for businesses to create digital and interactive storefronts where customers can virtually browse and buy products online.

Marketing campaigns

Our 3D visualization can be used to create interactive marketing campaigns that grab the attention of potential customers and stand out in a crowded market.

Virtual product

With our 3D visualizations, you can create engaging and interactive product demonstrations that help companies showcase their products in a compelling way.

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More fun in presenting - more success in selling

Successful sales goes far beyond the product. It is also about how the product is presented and sold. The more dynamic, emotional and modern the presentation, the better the chance that the product will be sold successfully. This is where 3D product presentations can play an important role.

Another important element in the presentation of products is the use of emotional and dynamic content. By using stunning images, emotional videos and interactive content, companies can manage to connect with viewers and provide them with a more emotional experience with the product.

Overall, it is important to understand that successful sales are not only about the product itself, but also about the way it is presented. 3D product presentations offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products in a more realistic environment, giving viewers a deeper understanding and a better idea of the product's features. By using interactive content and tools, as well as emotional and dynamic content, companies can manage to connect with viewers and provide them with a more emotional experience with the product.

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Many industries benefit from our 3D visualizations

Manufacturing industry

Mechanical and plant engineering companies can present their products and services in a vivid and understandable way by using interactive presentations to increase the attention of potential customers.

Electronics industry

Companies from the electrical and electronics industry can present their products and services in a modern way by using interactive presentations to increase the attention of potential customers.

Chemical industry

Companies from the chemical industry can illustrate complex production processes by using interactive presentations to increase comprehensibility for potential customers.

Metal industry

Companies in the metal industry can showcase their products and services in an engaging way by using interactive presentations to increase the attention of potential customers.

Automotive industry

Companies in the automotive industry can tap into new markets by using interactive presentations and engage potential customers through an immersive presentation.

Medical Technology

Companies from the medical technology sector can use interactive presentations to present complex medical products and services in a comprehensible and clear manner.

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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by 'interactive 3D product visualization'?

"Interactive 3D product visualization" means that you can experience your products with us in a modern and interactive way. The details of your products can be viewed and enlarged from all perspectives. This visualization process allows you to simulate different configurations of your products in 3D real time and make them tangible. Visitors to your website can thus virtually test the functionality of your product without actually holding it in their hands. Interactive 3D product visualization extends traditional 3D product visualization and offers a unique way to showcase your products on your website.

Why does it make sense to present products interactively and online to the website?

Interactive 3D product visualizations on your website offer clear advantages over traditional marketing methods such as classic product photos. They enable a deeper understanding of your products and strengthen the interest of your target group. The ability to view and interact with the product in real time from all perspectives gives the customer an authentic and realistic product experience. In addition, AR (augmented reality) capability can add another layer of interactivity. With a virtual trade show booth that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, you can optimally present your products and convince your target group of your offer.

How is the technical implementation of interactive 3D product visualizations done?

Commalive uses different software and processes for the technical implementation of interactive 3D product visualizations. Due to the compatibility with all modern browsers, the projects can be easily integrated without any problems and thus reach a wide target group. To guarantee a fast loading time of the 3D data, they are converted into a special, compact online format. The visualizations are usable not only on normal screens and mobile devices, but also in virtual and augmented reality, giving you an even more realistic understanding of the product.

What are the advantages of 3D product visualizations over product photos?

3D product visualizations from Commalive offer greater flexibility compared to renderings or product photos. With our 3D visualizations, you have the ability to interactively experience your products and customize them at any time. Our customers have easy ways to create and change color variations and states, making them very time and cost efficient. In addition, the visualizations always remain current, as they can be updated at any time. This way you can make sure that your customers always get the latest information about your product.

How interactive can the 3D visualization of my product become?

Interactivity is an important part of 3D product visualizations and can be implemented in many ways. To enable a realistic, functional 3D visualization, detailed 3D data is of high importance. CAD data is ideal here, as it is usually complete and very detailed. Most manufacturers already have this data in the form of CAD models. By using CAD data and a special data preparation, performant and interactive 3D product visualizations can be realized online.

Wie hoch sind die Kosten für die 3D-Visualisierung meines Produktes?

The cost of a 3D visualization depends on several factors. The most important factor is the time required for the implementation. The better the template in the form of CAD data, photos or sketches/descriptions, the faster and more cost-efficient the 3D visualization can be carried out. Therefore, a simple, interactive product visualization does not have to cost a lot. However, if a high degree of interactivity is desired, the effort and therefore the price will also increase.

However, Commalive always offers an individual calculation based on your wishes and ideas. We sift and test your 3D data (if available) and then provide you with an offer that meets your requirements.

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